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MAKERS: Punith , Yadav COUNTRY: India

FLYWHEEL BASED BICYCLE GENERATOR is used to produce electric power while riding it. The generated power is stored in batterys and can be used to light bulbs, charge electronic devices.


The Purpose

Many people live their night in dark due many reasons like geographical isolated, un-electrified villages and load shedding etc. We wanted to build a system which can light the bulbs for at least 4hrs so that these people can get light. This lead us to build FLYWHEEL BASED BICYCLE GENERATOR.

The Technology

In this system we have used FLYWHEEL as a energy reservoir and also as a mechanical shock observer. The generator we used is a permanent magnet DC generator. We have also used lipo batterys to store electric power as they are compact in size, it can be charged quickly, long life etc. And a belt drive system is been used to drive the generator and also to increase the RPM at the generator shaft.

Additional Details

This FLYWHEEL BASED BICYCLE GENERATOR produces 15.5volts and 1.5amps when it is rode at 15kmph. If the permanent magnet generator is replaced with BLDC generator then the efficiency of system increase and more power can be generated.

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