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Charged bar for electric cars


The E-fuel bars . This act as a subsitude for batteries in cars. Thus the dry bars are are exchanged with full charged bars in E- bunks are petrolbunks.


The Purpose

To reduce the charge time in electric cars.It may constrct in petrol bunks or may built solar E-Bunks which contains a hundreds of charged E-bars which act as a fuel to electric cars . So the dryed E-bars in cars are exchanged with full charged bars in theE-bunks . The bars are light weight and the set of 10 bars are placed in cars to replace high capacity batteries. This look like the big sized hard dick which is efficient and light weight and easily removable and replaceable .

The Technology

If an single E-bar energy can cover an 100 km in a car , the 10 E-bars are placed. Thus the consumers can exchange two or three bars to enough to retain daily powers and no need to charge at night and don't worry at long drives . This tech can placed in all petrol bunks like solar panel placed ad roof of petrol bunks and a thousands of E-bars are recharge in an row or our EB power also used in the bars recharge in 30 minutes and replaced quickly than the petrolfuels.

Additional Details

This is the best way to charge the E-cars in the countries like INDIA which in effective to setup and esaliy consumers get benefit . This they give 100? per bar to cover 100 kms for replacing the E-bars. The car contains. 10 E-bars which is connected in series to make the big battery volume. This E-bar look like the hard disks and esaliy attachable in cars

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