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$300 Autonomous quadcopter

MAKERS: Suman , Ankit , Pawan COUNTRY: India

There are 1000+ applications of quadcopter at every-field in world. Our goal is to prepare Autonomous quadcopter which breakdown the cost_limit_and we_successfully_make_world's first lowest cost quadcopter with fully autonomous features.

The Purpose

To provide a product which does several complicated & lifesaving jobs for scientific sectors and military sectors from home in simpler way. As Einstein said: Genius always made complex ideas simple not simple ideas complex.With this drone technology, we can find solutions to various areas like disaster management, survey sites, medical emergencies, traffic control, railways, electric lines, movie industry, air surveillance, military and defense organisations.

The Technology

Range: 1.5 Km. Flight Time: 15 min. Payload: 500grm Weight: 1-1.2kg Dimensions: 30 inch sq Safe Landing: Detachable Innovative Frame : Design Acc. To stability and payload req Various Modes : Auto Pilot Mode, Auto Land, Auto Take Off, Position hold, Altitude Lock(beginners can vary easily fly in this mode), Geo Fence (Any one with 0 experience can fly drone.. without any crash ), Obstacle Avoidance , Acrobatic : Flip Mode,Stunt Mode Intelligent Control: Autonomous

Additional Details

Applications in which our quad perform Successfully: Real Estate Photography Aircraft Inspections Search/Rescue Missions Disease Prevention Agriculture data collection Surveillance Construction/Surveying Product/Food Delivery

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