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Smart Home Automation & Assistant (SHAA)


This Project will be designed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which allows the system to make smart decisions based on environmental factors, self-learning and user interactions with natural language.

The Purpose

We already have smart cars, smart phones and even smart T.V's. It's time to bring smart homes to the future. The basic concept is let the humans do that they are best at and let machines to do that they are best at.

The Technology

Types of Technologies 1.Natural language processing and AI. a.Google Cloud Natural Language API b.Amazon AI c.Amazon Alexa Skills Kit d.Amazon natural language understanding (NLU) e.Amazon automatic speech recognition (ASR) f.Amazon text-to-speech (TTS) g.Google API.AI 2.Machine Learning a.Google TensorFlow b.Amazon Machine Learning c.Google API.AI 3.Watson Internet of Things Platform 4.Operating Systems a.Linux b.Windows c.Android d.Google Android Things 5.Programming Technologies a.Java b.Python c.Node.js d.C e.Swift f.Php g.Html h.Java Script 6.Hardware Platform a.Raspberry pi b.Arduino c.ESP8266 development board

Additional Details

The most important and plus point of this system over the conventional home automation is, this system will be integrated with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Machine Learning so with A.I the system able to make the smart decision and Machine learning provides system the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

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