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Hi My project is " MINI ROBO ROTATING ON LYTH CAR" . We have made this project in a group of 2 students. TEAM MEMBERS Ruby Sharma Naveen singla Main AIM of my project is to Rescue the lives of the people at the time of earthquake. This robotic arm basically works on the wired control. In this we have connected the robot with a laptop so that at the time of earthquake we can save the life of the people by controlling the robot from some distance and view the images of the person burried under the rocks or mud. This Robot is basically a life saving robot . FEATURES : This robotic arm has got 5 degree of freedom. This robotic arm has been made with 5 motors and 5 joints. With its five switched wired controller, The robot features BASE ROTATION, ELBOW ROTATION AND A FUNCTIONAL GRIPPER. The 5 motors operate the grab , release , lift , and lower. A LED search light brings more clear view in the dark. WORKING 1) It works on motors. The front motor gives direction and steering controls. 2) The back motors gives the forward push to move. 3) Overpower source power to the motors is supplied through a 12 V battery. 4) we have installed a camera in the robot which will help to hear the sound of the victims stuck in the disaster. By the help of it we can rescue them and save their lives. Also by the help of camera we can zoom into places where we cannot reach, and get the victims saved at the time of earthquake. OTHER USES 1) it can be used in diffusion of BOMBS 2) it can be used in mines 3) it can be used in tunnels where humans cant go using this will save human lifes in many ways 4) can be used in packaging department.

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