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Design and Prototyping of an Autonomous Un-Guided Vehicle (AuGV)

MAKERS: Sumaila COUNTRY: Nigeria

This project presents prototyping design of an Autonomous Un-Guided Vehicle capable of detecting light & avoiding obstacles in its path whilst it simultaneously deploy solar-panel to charge it battery


The Purpose

The design objective of this prototype is as under: 1) A self I sustaining electric powered vehicle capable of recharging it batteries autonomously via solar panel 2) A prototype that can avoid & navigate obstacles successfully in any unplanned or unknown environment.

The Technology

The technologies involved in this project are embedded system control and sensors technologies. MBED MICROCONTROLLER The intelligence of each subsystem is provided by programmable MBED LPC1768 Cortex-M3 microcontrollers, interconnected by bi-directional communication protocol as depicted in fig. 1.The controller was programmed using a proprietary online C-language and compiler (i.e. ARM RVDS mbed development environment and ARM API features). This is the hardware controller, programmed to execute control commands as well as coordinating the overall activities of the vehicle.

Additional Details

This vehicle find usage in vast many area of applications such as space exploration, underwater exploration, industrial transport & manufacturing, investigating areas too dangerous for human life for example radioactive areas or chemical fires, etc. Similar vehicle is currently being employed in the decontamination of Japanese Fukushima nuclear power station clean-up.

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