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sms based online transmission line fault monitoring system


Determine major fault location after its occurrence with quickly.That is what highlighted in this project.

The Purpose

In majority of cases the defects of the electrical under normal condition do not appear all of sudden changes,but develop gradually.hence, it is ideal to determine major fault location after its occurrence with quickly.that is what highlighted in this project.An unsymmetrical fault will be simulated in this project ; some parameters like voltage,current and temperature are received from GSM mobile.

The Technology

The brain of the system is micro controller.The micro controller provides the control logic to the transmission.The micro controller checks temperature in transmission line in case of temperature is below 40 degree of the transmission line.Also the micro controller drives an LCD display unit that.

Additional Details

.pic16F877A is micro controller .1N4007 diodes are used to make bridge rectifier circuit. .rectifier converts AC voltage into DC voltage

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