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Varunastra (the Firefighting Exo-skeleton

MAKERS: sampangi.pruthvi raj

The main objective of our project is to design an exoskeleton for prevention of death of the people, property loss and pollution due to fire accidents. In recent years, the number of apartment building, houses, shopping malls, etc.., is going for so many fire accidents and it keeps on increasing which causes a threat to human life and leads to huge damage on materials and resources. The exoskeleton which is designed, equipped with all fire fighting emergency gadgets and which is light in weight will going to prevent, losses caused by fire accidents. Hence this is an ?Emergency Fire Fighting exoskeleton (Varunastra)?. Mentioned emergency because in the case of fire accidents this exoskeleton should be used as emergency system because all emergency gadgets are included in the designed exoskeleton. Even by wearing this exoskeleton user can protect himself from hazardous situations and also the user can protect other people. This suit is also designed under the sense of humanity.

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