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C programming Application (FREE PAD)


A Softwear base on NoteBook cum DrawingBook. In this softwear we can do two things writing and drawing . Which reduce our time to open wordpad or paint.


The Purpose

If we want to write then we have to open wordpad or MS office but there we can't draw.If we want to draw then open another window like paint. so WHY we open different window for drawing and writting. It will take more time so Here in this application we draw as well as we can write. And it is base on C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE .

The Technology

Here we can change the color of the text, there are so many color in the user interface Here dropdown feacher are also available which is more attractive for user. Here we can see a style button from where we can change the font style and as well as we can change the size of the text. We can change the style from normal to bold and italic .Here we can see style button from there we can choice our own style of the text.We can change the color of the drawing.we can save writting and drawing for future.

Additional Details

We can store all data and drawing at notepad (.txt ) format. This application is more memory efficiency and consume low memory. It?s time complexity is very low. This application size is very less only 79kb.

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