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Solar Asterisk Mesh Box (OpenVoice)

MAKERS: Asriadi

Solar Asterisk Mesh Box is a part of OpenVoice Project which is conducted to make cheaper telecommunications and can be used by many people even if at remote areas. This box is used at access link and used 2,4 Ghz ISM band as frequency. By combining VoIP technology and wireless mesh-ad hoc network as a potential solution to make cheap calls, we can get many advantages in terms easy to use, scalable network, mobility, self-forming and configuration, self-healing, fault tolerance, low-cost and easy deployment make the openvoice as one of the strong solution to solve the issue of telecommunications in remote areas. Moreover, using openWRT and modified embedded device (MR-3020) in implementation as a node for link access to user make this prototype has other advantages such as low power consumption, and more cheaper in development and implementation. This prototype equipped with smart energy management using mini solar panel and lithium-Ion battery for energy supply. Without energy supply from mini solar panel, this node can running very well to provide telecommunication access for 2 days and 14 minutes and can running every day if there are energy supply from mini solar panel. The utility from openvoice is not limited to telecommunications but open voice also offers many other purposes such as ad hoc military communications, search and rescue, e-learning, spread internet access or communication after disaster. We only using smartphone with android OS or Iphone equipped with softphone like zoiper (you can get this application with free at google play or apple store), make connection with openvoice network and call your friend, family or others with free as long as you and your friend at network's coverage.

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