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Solar pesticide sprayer

MAKERS: Akashdeep , Shekhar COUNTRY: India

Helps Farmers from facing problems when they spray pesticides on the crops whether its the chemically affect of the pesticide, fast battery drainage or muscle pain due to continuous spraying.

The Purpose

1. Farmers skin protection from pesticides. 2. Solving out of fast battery drainage problem in the existing system of pesticide sprayer. 3. High flow rate should be there of pesticide coming out from the sprayer. 4.Eliminates the dependency on power supply and thus the electricity bill. 5.In the aerial spraying wastage of fertilizer and some crops are not totally covered and also not suitable for small farms. 6.During spraying after sometime hand muscles starts to pain and thus proper pressure is not maintained. So, it affects the droplet pressure. 7. Using fuel operated vehicles, exhaust gases from the Silencer produces harmful effects over crops.

The Technology

In the present system of pesticide sprayers there is an issue of low flow rate and the fast battery drainage problem (in case the system is wireless) . Also, if the system is wired there may be a case of shock to the farmer(mostly unskilled). Our system prevent farmers from all such problems either it's related to battery drainage, pesticide chemical affect, low flow rate or the shock. The system uses solar technology to prevent battery drainage problems and all that.

Additional Details

It will require less maintenance cost and can easily be used by farmer (unskilled). The purpose here we want is: 1. To extend the concept of Solar PV-Technology on Solar Sprayers. 2.To Convert the Fuel Operating System as Free Energy Operating System for agriculture implementation. 3.To increase the efficiency of spraying

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