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Toll Remittance by using Internet of Things


Our main idea of approach to reduce manual work and to automate the toll taxation system is basically an embedded one. By using RFID technology.


The Purpose

Basically Monitoring is manually done and record is maintained in files. Our main idea of approach to reduce manual work and to automate the toll taxation system is basically an embedded one. Embedded stands for hardware controlled using software tools.Here, the software using a Microcontroller controls all the hardware components. The microcontroller plays an important role in the system. The main objective of the system is to uniquely identify and to make entry for a vehicle. This is possible by the new emerging technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Also system display total remaining balance of the system. The main parts of an RFID system are RFID tag (with unique ID number) and RFID reader (for reading the RFID tag). In this system, RFID tag and RFID reader used are operating at 125 KHz. The EEPROM used for storing the details has the capability of storing many details at a time. The Motor can be used for opening & closing of gate. This report provides a clear picture of hardware and software used in the system. It also provides an overall view with detailed discussion of the operation of the system. Also in this system, GSM based Automatic prepaid payment feature is fed. The technology is to automatically sense from RFID output and transfer that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. The Transmitter is connected to the CPU and it counts the consumption from it and displays it over the LCD display. It also transmits the data to the Mobile. At the receiver end, the data is received by a receiver mobile and the application will be performed accordingly. A GSM modem is also connected to the kit so that anybody can access to the number and add the amount with previous amount readings as SMS. At zero reading the microcontroller will get the mobile message and disconnect the circuit so the user won?t get any power for zero balance.

The Technology

1. RFID: RFID technologies are grouped under the more generic Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) technologies. The real benefits of RFID as follows: Line of sight not required, Durability , Range , Data volume , Multiple read?Speed, Read /Write?Update. GSM: There are several reasons why GSM is so popular among operators and their customers: Clear voice quality, Roaming is particularly important for operators for two reasons: first, it drives a significant amount of revenue; and second, roaming support helps operators attract enterprise, tightly security,Data support, including SMS and web browsing. Software used: PCB wizard, Code Vision AVR.

Additional Details

Advantages of Toll Remittance : Automated test, scope is unlimited (Tool is software It can concentrate on multiple verification points at a time). Applications : Secure access to work place Save the time in collecting toll at toll plazas Safety access to dangerous/secure equipment Access to a computer or vehicle Access to travel on trains/buses Access to leisure facilities Reduce fuel loss Control traffic. Future Development for the project: 1. We can send this data to a remote location using mobile or internet 2. Voice alarm system can be added to indicate that card has insufficient balance & persons can pass through RFID based automatic.

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