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Low Cost Zigbee Based Retina Controlled Computer


Human Machine Interaction (HMI) today is providing innovative solutions these days to solve many real world problems. This project is also based on HMI to provide the opportunity to the paralyzed person to be part of the connected world via computer in lowest possible cost. It allows paralyzed people to do everything on computer even controlling the personal mobile phone using only their Eye and Head movements. This whole project is structured using new technologies of Retina Recognition, Wireless Zigbee Sensors, Arduino Microcontrollers and Motion Recognition using Accelerometer that will play a vital role in revolutionizing the field of Biomedical Engineering and opening the new horizons of research in Humanitarian Technologies. A functional test was made and the developed system was considered fully functional, as head/wrist movements during eye tracking can be compensated with the introduced method. University: Islamia University of Bahawalpur Country: Pakistan Team Members: Anam Mazhar, Lalarukh Shairani, Maheen Arshad

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