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MAKERS: Peram Farzanegan

This project has designed for giving students a good understanding of how transformers,RLC circuits, air ionization ,high voltage and wireless transmission of electricity works.( there is no error in device operation, unfortunatly I didn't upload its video and now I ranout of the time. no doubt that device works properly I have an excuse for not uploading its video if the video is so necessary please email me I will do sth at that momment) the device name is tesla coil and by operating this device and take some florescent lamps around it students can get a good vision on what wireless energy is. this device has designed by me(pedram farzanegan) for commercial and educational purpose and its fortunately successful in some countries as an educational means. an Education that I talked about here is best way of learning ?Neuroeducation??an interdisciplinary field that combines neuroscience, psychology and education to create improved teaching methods and curricula?is moving increasingly close to prime time as researchers gain a more sophisticated understanding of how young minds develop and learn, leading education and brain experts say. ?The interest among educators in neuroscience is enormous,? Ken Kosik, a professor of neuroscience at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said during Learning and the Brain. ?We need neuroscientists in schools. Just like we have teaching hospitals, we need teaching schools.? Best regards._ pedram_

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