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MAKERS: Pranav , Krishna Saharsh , Suryanath COUNTRY: India

To promote and improve vertical agriculture system using machine automation and iot enabling scientific farming and increasing farm produce.


The Purpose

India is home to a billion people. India consumes tons of food per year. But analysis of food sources reveals crops or pulses are only being grown in India. Major vegetables are imported and thereby increasing its cost. Also, the agricultural produce has been affected by unscientific methods and inefficient use of water. Therefore, the Agribot has been developed to perform scientific farming automatically using preloaded algorithms and cognitive services.

The Technology

The Agribot is designed to receive input from the user (farmer, etc.) and based on the input, the machine would move through the racks, depending on the no of rows & columns provided by the user or using previously fed data. The Agribot equipped with moisture sensor will continuously collect data from the soil during its movement through the racks and therefore enabling us to perform analysis and also perform watering based on data received. Therefore, the data driven watering system will reduce water wastage and at the same time enable the proper growth of plants.

Additional Details

The Project shall have following advantages: Increases produce of crop per sq.ft Increases efficient use of water Will provide jobs to farmers, agriculturists, etc. Enables analysis of data from the farms and therefore helps in increasing produce Sharing of data with government will result in better allocation of fund to farmers. Will allow small scale farmers to produce more crops. Dimensions of Project prototype: 0.5x0.7x0.8(in m)

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