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Self Reconfigurable Multipurpose Amphibious Robot


The real time controllable self re-configurable amphibious robot works fully under the control of a computer or by using remote control .It can also be controlled by voice up to a reach of 100 meters. With the built-in voice recognition system ,the robot can understand more than twenty control words ( Example ROTATE,MOVE FRONT,MOVE BACK,CAMERA UP,SPRAY..etc) given by the user and act accordingly. The unique feature of this robot is that it can be operated both in land and on water. In tune with the changes happening immediate environment and warranting circumstances, it can make changes in its structure and thus the name self re-configurable . It uses wheels to move on land but when it touches water it changes its structure voluntarily, in such a way to facilitate watery course. The robot can take water and put off fire using pumps and water reservoirs. It can also enter vulnerable spots like a tunnel which is out of human reach. This robot can hold,collect and defend its obstacles using its hand and fingers. A special eye to take videos and pictures of places,objects where normally humans cannot reach . These visuals can be live broadcasted and copied . Communication is also possible with the help of voice message service and short message service. The robot can measure temperature,light,distance,and water level of places it travel.Base control section includes 4 micro controllers,16 dc motors,ADC,relays,buffers etc.communication section includes antenna, video transmitter ,FSK transmitter and receiver. Mechanical section includes hand, wrist ,palm ,propeller,vehicle assembly etc . At the time of earth quakes,flood or other natural calamities where peoples are trapped in isolated areas,the robot can be utilized to give medical aid, collect valuable information and keep communications .The water spraying system in the robot can be used for extinguishing fire. It has an amazing low cost of manufacturing at 120 US Dollars or INR 8000.

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