How Technology, Privacy and Security are Changing Each Other (And Us)

New technologies have brought unprecedented convenience and connectivity to our lives. Their evolution has also inherently created security and privacy challenges. Hear from IEEE engineers and technologists around the world on what those challenges are and how they might be solved.

Connected Cars

Cars are becoming more wirelessly connected. They can be safer, more efficient and, potentially, driverless. But what privacy and security risks come along with the data cars generate?


The Connected Home

Internet of Things (IoT) devices like voice assistants, smart thermostats and smart security systems are becoming increasingly common in our homes. They make life easier. What’s the best way to prevent them from causing privacy and security headaches?


Network Dependency

Wireless networks allow employees to work from anywhere, often using their personal devices. So how are businesses balancing staffer freedom and the protection of corporate data?


Rapid Identity Detection

Using a fingerprint or facial scan to authenticate a device is tantalizingly fast. Similar technologies are being applied to security checkpoints. Are they secure?