Self-Driving School Buses are Stress Relief for Some Parents

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Juggling work and transporting kids to school on time can be stressful for both parents and children. Technology for autonomous vehicles continues to develop and self-driving buses are being piloted around the world. Assuming it was properly tested, deemed safe and “staffed” by a robotic caretaker, how likely would you be to allow your child to take a self-driving school bus to school as a way to minimize stress for you and your child?

Millennial Parents Said

Autonomous technologies are being deployed in self-driving buses piloted around the world, but Millennial parents are divided on how likely they would be to allow their child to take such transportation to school.

A majority of American Millennial parents (58%) and U.K. parents (51%) say they are not very likely to allow their child to take a self-driving bus to school while a clear majority of parents in China (91%), India (87%) and Brazil (67%) say they are very likely to allow their child to take such a self-driving bus to school to minimize their stress.

“Self-driving car technology employed in the public transportation infrastructure of every U.S. metropolitan region will revolutionize the way our society gets around; our world will become more mobile, accessible and greener because of self-driving car technology when used in public transportation networks.”

Alexander Wyglinski
Alexander Wyglinski
IEEE Senior Member, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
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