Doctors Using AI for Cancer Diagnoses Sought By Millennial Parents

We Asked

Artificial intelligence technologies are being used to improve diagnoses not only for certain types of cancer, but grades of cancer. Based on this information, if a family member — including your child — needed a potential cancer diagnosis, how likely would you be to seek out a doctor that is using artificial intelligence for cancer diagnoses?

Millennial Parents Said

Around the globe, a majority of Millennial parents say they are very likely to seek out a doctor using AI for cancer diagnoses should their child or a family member need such an evaluation.

A majority of Millennial parents in China (94%), India (88%) and Brazil (78%) would be very likely to seek out a doctor using AI for cancer diagnoses for their child or a family member, while 59% of U.K. parents and 53% of U.S. parents are very likely to do so.

“This would help not only expedite the treatment plan for the patient, but also help prevent the under-and over-diagnosis, or incorrect diagnosis, that could potentially miss detecting the cancer.”

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