Guilherme Barreto

IEEE Member, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

Q: What inspired you to become an engineer? Were you always interested in technology? If so, why? If not, when did you become interested and why?

A: My father inspired me to become an engineer.

A medical doctor, my father was a skilled musician that played several instruments – his favorite being the acoustic guitar. However, my
favorite was the keyboard synthesizer. I was always amazed at how it could emulate the sounds of several other instruments. I remember when my father told me that the synthesizer’s secret was the electronic circuits that it housed; he opened the keyboard and showed me its technical components and I was mesmerized by all of the wires and printed circuit boards.

It was at this moment, at the age of ten, that I decided to get a degree in electrical or electronic engineering so that I could better understand how interesting devices, such as the synthesizer, worked.

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