George Zimmerman

IEEE Senior Member, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society

Q: How do you think IEEE benefits your profession? The world?

A: Over the past several decades, and in fields ranging from deep space communications to DSL access to Ethernet networking, I have seen many examples of how cooperating engineers, often from competing entities, have connected the world. My experience in IEEE, particularly in the open, individual-based environment of the IEEE Standards Association IEEE 802 networking group, has been a highlight of cooperation. One need only look at the activities of the year 2020, when work and the world was largely kept together by the fruits of the many competing and cooperating engineers responsible for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, broadband access, and the connectivity of the Internet – whether it is directly through person-to-person communications or through factory, building, or office automation. I never cease to be impressed at how the collaborative efforts I’ve been involved with at IEEE have changed our world for the better.

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