Artur Ziviani

IEEE Senior Member

Q: What inspires you today?

A: I continue to be very inspired and motivated by the impact information and communication technologies (ICTs) had and still have in our daily lives. From smart cities to health informatics, the ICT impact in the last decades on almost any other knowledge area is undeniable. In a related trend, now I’m very inspired and motivated by data-driven methodologies applied to interdisciplinary research, the so-called data science. In this context, I have a networking approach to my endeavors in this data science area, developing activities in network science from different perspectives, ranging from theoretical work on network modeling to interdisciplinary applications of network science in several areas, including also efficient methods for networked data processing.

IEEE appreciates Artur Ziviani’s contributions during his time as an IEEE Senior Member and all he has done throughout his life to inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow.

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