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Golden energy

MAKERS: Sanidhya Taliwal, Akash Verma COUNTRY: India

Just think of it like you are making money from your own money same goes for energy.Using the same energy and increasing efficiency.


The Purpose

In today's world energy has become a sort of currency itself our project aim to produce energy from rotating objects(a fan is shown photograph) by simply using Faraday's law of generating emf and making use of it increasing the efficiency of any rotating device.

The Technology

The technology is very simple ,we have used simple copper wire coil and magnets and made a setup to generate energy because of the motion of device.And then simple comparator circuit is used for charging battery.

Additional Details

This is a prototype,the problem is to use the same power generated to power the device through which power is produced.This reduces the energy wastage and increase the efficiency also it is a green and clean way to make usefull power.

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